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Meet the Double Reed Studio

Lora Butcher, studies bassoon and a music major. 
Lora Butcher Music Ed Major 2020.jpg
Emelia Belin, studies oboe and chemistry. President of our Double Reed Club.
Emelia Belin.jpg
Cesar Blas, studying oboe with a BM Piano Performance
Cesar poster.jpeg
Studying bassoon and biology is Emily Tollett.

Liberty Vasquez is a music ed major and she studies bassoon and cello.

Carlee McCraney studies oboe and she is a Interior Design major.

Abigail Poole studies oboe and she is a Education Major.

Emily Kennard studies oboe, political science and philosophy
Eryn Rowell studies bassoon and she is majoring in biology.

Places We Go

Arkansas Symphony Concert
Double Reed Club at ASO.jpg
Indiana: Bassoon Mansoon 
Bassoon Mansoon.JPG
International Double Reed Society Conference in Tokyo, Japan 
Indianapolis Symphony Concert and Butler University Double Reed Day
Indianapolis Symphony group photo.JPG
Fox Double Reed Factory, Elkhart, IN
Fox Factory 2.JPG
Visiting the Fox Factory.JPG
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